Vera Playa Club

Vera Playa Club Hotel

We have been travelling to this naturist hotel for approximately 15 years now and love it there. The pool is very big with gentle sloped access at the shallow end so it’s easy for those with limited mobility issues to enter and leave. Various waterfalls and fountains in and around the pool and the landscaping around the sun chairs make for a most relaxing environment indeed.

At the far end of the pool there are two slides which splash down into a roped off area.  There is also an upper sun deck on top of the restaurant for a more peaceful but very much hotter sunbath. There is also a heated indoor pool which is generally very quiet indeed and relaxing

hotel has direct access to the beach which is like a very fine gravel, not quite sand but very easy to walk on (shoes recommended because of the heat)

The rooms in the hotel could be described as comfortable and clean but tired and in need of upgrade, especially the bathrooms/toilets. However in 2018 I decided to treat Ann to a night in the presidential suite for her birthday. That was something else entirely and spoiled us so much that in 2019 we decided to try a beach suite which has a pool shared but just a few rooms. I don’t think we will be going back to a basic room. 

There is a roundabout junction at the top of the street and most restaurants are to the left of that (Avenida De La Ciudad De Barcelona) as you walk from the hotel. Here you can still walk naked but the restaurants open in the evenings and most people dress casually for those. Not compulsory but usual. Overall though it is very relaxed there in terms of nudity as the whole area is a naturist resort area. If you look on Google maps, pretty much the whole area bounded by the beach, the hotel, Avenida De La Ciudad De Castellon and Avenida De La Ciudad De Barcelona is naturist and you can walk and dine naked anywhere. As a rule of thumb after 8.00 clothes are ‘expected’ but not compulsory.

There are several restaurants/bars, shops and clubs along the avenue immediately outside the hotel including our favourite with is immediate to your right and across the road as you walk out of the hotel main entrance, we call it Benitto’s but it’s known by several names for some reason.

Bar La Reva is at the top of the road and turn left. This is our favourite place to eat as Ann has dietary requirements which the owners are well aware of and so it’s great for us but there are many restaurants to choose from and all are very good. The Pirate bar is approximately 100m away and in usually very busy all day but we’ll worth a visit or several.

In the restaurants along the avenue immediately outside the hotel you can eat and drink from late mornings onwards. Ladies usually put on a top and at least wear a towel around their waists as do the men, or shorts in my case. Although it’s not compulsory. In the evening people dress a little more fully but still very casual and you can still go out naked but again a towel is recommended. 

I cannot comment on the local clubs as we’ve never used them ‘usually too tired to make it to that time of night’. Although I’ve heard very good things about them. At the top of the road is a ‘lifestyle’ club called Tem Plum but again I cannot comment as we’ve never been.

There is a road train which runs at a reasonable cost daily between the hotel and Garrucha about 7 miles away. It’s textile and visits several hotels along the route. If you don’t have a car and don’t like or cannot walk too far, then this is a good way to see the area. 

The Vera Playa Club hotel is within a large naturist resort urbanisation and therefore there are few restrictions on where you can walk naked outside of the hotel save for the local supermarket. 

Overall we find Vera Playa Club Hotel to be quite fantastic. The staff are also very friendly and helpful indeed. The pool area is spotlessly clean too but a slight niggle is the amount of sun beds that get reserved with towels and books (a practice also frowned on by the hotel management). This is another plus of the beach suites as with them comes access to reserved area by the main pool. 

My only criticism might be that internet access is not that good. In fact if your not in the hotel reception area (which is huge) then it’s pretty non existent, unless this has been upgraded during the Covid years. 

When I wrote the above review it was almost three years ago and we are now back for yet another visit. I’m pleased to say that nothing has changed much at all, save for the fact the Bar Le Riva, our favourite restaurant is up for sale. So safe to say it’s still fantastic here with something for everyone.

I hope you found this review useful and if so perhaps you will consider booking some time here to see for yourself. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Dave and Ann