Who do i complain to if I have an issue with someone in the Chatroom?

The Chatroom has a ‘Report’ feature. Click on the name of the person in the User List and from the menu that opens up select ‘Report this User’. In the pop up box that then opens, you can choose the type of report you wish to make and add some details. Please report precisely what happened. Moderators will look at the report and come back to you within 48 hours or alternatively, if they deem it necessary, your issue may be referred to the Naturist Video Chat with Peter & Shiraz Owners. You will be kept informed of the progress.

Alternatively, you can report the member directly to Peter & Shiraz using the Contact Us tab on the Home page. Again, please report exactly what happened and where possible give a time and date of the occurrence.


Author: petros101

I'm a young at heart person who enjoys chatting with like minded genuine naturists from around the world. I'm friendly with an outgoing personality who likes to make friends. I spend as much of my time on holiday but when not holidaymaking, I like to write.