To show your Avatar Picture in the Chatroom.

  1. Click on the three horizontal lines to the top left of the chatroom text box.
  2. In the dropdown list, click either upload or change avatar. A popup will open showing pictures on your pc.
  3. Click the picture you want and press upload. Press save changes and then leave the chatroom. On reentering, your avatar picture should show.
  4. note, the size of the avatar picture allowed is very small (50mb) so therefore you may need to resize the picture. A good free resizing tool is called PixResizer and is available as a free download.
  5. To include your profile picture in your profile, click on the tab “Profile”
  6. Click on the Tab, “Change Profile Photo” then “Select Your File” This will open up the photos on your PC. Select the one you wish to use (I used one of a size 486 X 648). The picture selected, providing it is of the correct size, will open up with a crop option. Crop the picture to show your face. Click “Crop Image” to save it. If your photo uploads successfully, you will get a message telling you.
  7. If you want a Cover Image for the top of your Profile, Click on “Change Cover Image” and instructions will come up to upload a file. This should be in Landscape format and be larger than 840 X 225.
  8. Press “Save Changes” when you are done, and then refresh the page.


Author: Peter

I'm a 65 year old widower who has been a naturist for more years than I care to remember. I moved to Greece over nine years ago and live in Mykonos, a place that was once renown as a naturists paradise. I have lots of opportunity to try for the all over tan, either on the beach or on my balcony. That of course is when I am not chatting which I love to do hense setting up this brand new site. I am definitely a warm weather naturist. Outside of naturism I write and love the research almost as much as seeing the finished book in print. Although I took early retirement, I spent my summers doing a job most people would love to try, renting out sunbeds and beach umbrellas on a Greek beach, although I have now given up that job too.