Are Chats monitored?

Yes, our moderators may be in the Chatroom any time and it is their job to monitor the conversations going on and to make sure that everyone is following the Chatroom guidelines. For members who have difficulty both respecting their fellow members and Naturist Values then Moderators have a number of options open to them including temporary bans. Serious issues are referred to the Owners and may involve the person being removed from the Naturist Video Chat with Peter & Shiraz website. Peter and Shiraz also have the ability to review the transcripts of conversations in the chatroom and do so on a regular basis to ensure our Naturist Values are being respected.


Author: petros101

I'm a young at heart person who enjoys chatting with like minded genuine naturists from around the world. I'm friendly with an outgoing personality who likes to make friends. I spend as much of my time on holiday but when not holidaymaking, I like to write.