The Red Room

Welcome to The Red Room, our revived and rejuvenated Adult Chatroom. Unfortunately we needed to close the previous Adult Room because too many people were pushing the boundaries too far, even for in there. When we opened it we didn’t expect it to become a place where people are going in the hope of seeing someone masturbate or to masturbate themselves for the gratification of others. We hope the new room will not go the same way but be in no doubt, if anyone is found to be abusing our trust, we will have no hesitation in removing their access.

Now some people are possibly scratching their head and wondering what is too far? Let’s try to simplify it for you. If you are a member of a Naturist Club, for example Telford, White Rose, Broadlands or visit a naturist hotel such as Magnolias or Clover Spa etc., you might chat to people in the bar and be naked. You may even tell “raunchy” tales once you get to know them and you might even show them some erotic photos of you and/or your partner naked. What you wouldn’t do, is sit in the bar with an erection on show, or start to masturbate with other people looking. Nor would you ask to see others in the bar masturbate or ask them to move so that you got a better view of their genitalia. Just because this is an on-line chatroom is no excuse for doing what you would never dream of doing in the Naturist Club Bar.

Most people who had access to the old Adult room have had access to The Red Room removed but are free to ask to join again. Some people have been given automatic access to The Red Room, these are the ones we believe are happy to abide by our guidelines, we may have got some wrong but if we have we will soon find out and they will quickly find they no longer have access, but other people are asking how do we get access? We have therefore set out a list of requirements:

  • Have been a member of our site for at least one month.
  • Be a regular in the Main Chatroom; (not just until you get access to The Red Room)
  • Be nice and friendly with everyone;
  • Have a profile pic (showing your face – not a headless torso) in the chatroom and on your profile on the site;
  • Check out the forum regularly so that you keep up to date with Important Chatroom Information;
  • Make sure your profile is up to date with all the required information, naturist experiences, location, age and reason for joining our site;
  • Don’t be here just for The Red Room, that’s not what our site is about;
  • Don’t use  The Red Room as an excuse for exhibitionism, masturbation or viewing others doing so. Similarly, do not suggest to others you would like to see them “breaking the rules”

It is up to ALL members, including those already granted access to The Red Room, to ensure the above requirements are met and continue to be met. Anyone failing to adhere to the above is likely to have their access to The Red Room withdrawn.

If you’re not prepared to abide by the above, then maybe you are not the right type of person to be a member of our site and stand very little chance of getting access to The Red Room or keeping it. Remember, we are primarily a site for genuine naturists. However, if you feel you qualify and can keep to the above requirements and are content not to use the room as an excuse to masturbate or watch others do so or suggest inappropriate behaviour, then please contact Peter or Shiraz to ask for access.

The Red Room is a place where people can discuss topics that might be frowned upon in the Main Chatroom and show pictures which would be thought inappropriate in our other rooms.  We expect you to keep things friendly in there, and most of all Legal. Do not pester other members to participate if they don’t want to. Don’t make suggestions you would not be prepared to make in a face to face encounter in a Naturist Club bar. Additionally, remember that some members will not have access to this chatroom so, if people are chatting in there, make sure you look in the Main Room every so often so that if members are sat there alone, someone goes and chats with them.

Finally, The Red Room is a self-policing room. If someone is doing something in there which offends you or says something offensive or is not adhering to our guidelines let them know at the time. Yes, by all means contact Peter & Shiraz to report the person if you can’t sort it out there and then but remember, a quiet word at the time will often diffuse a situation which if allowed to continue becomes a major problem for us.