Photo Gallery Information

We have updated our picture gallery and hopefully made it easier for members to upload their pictures for others to see. A step by step guide to accessing the new gallery is contained on the forum under gallery help, however, once you get access to the gallery we will ask each of you to start a New Thread using your USERNAME as the title. Once opened in your name, this becomes your personal portfolio into which you can upload your own pictures without having to send them to us via an email. 

As nothing shown on the internet can be guaranteed to be private, only show pics that you’re happy with being seen by others, remember, it’s easy to take a screen shot. We will take no responsibility for pictures “stolen” from our site by other people, however to try and make things as safe as possible there will be an application process to join the gallery.

The requirements for access to the new gallery will be similar to those set for the old one. These are:

You must have been a member of our site for at least one month. This may seem a little harsh but is designed to prevent people joining the site and immediately asking for access to the gallery to see the pictures.

You need to be a regular chatroom user and been seen on camera by one of our Moderators or Administrators so we know you’re genuine.

A picture of yourself must be submitted for verification before being allowed to share photos. If you intend posting pictures of your partner (who is not a member) or another person, you must send a verification photograph of the two of you together. This is designed to stop people trawling the internet and posting pictures downloaded from the web. In order to fulfil our obligations under our Privacy Policy, any verifiction photograph of another person – not yourself – must include within the email to us, a clear statement that the second person has given permission for their Photo to be sent and for other photos of them you submit to be used on our site.

Please bear in mind that to be able to upload your own photographs, you must have made at least one post on the forum.

New Users must submit via email  at least at least one picture of themselves before being allowed access to the gallery.  Some people are happy to access galleries and view other people’s pictures but are reluctant to show pics of their own. This is hardly fair. A minimum of five pictures must be kept in your portfolio  gallery at all times. When submitting your pictures, please tell us a little bit about them like where and when it was taken and any other information you think relevant. Think of it as though you were showing your pictures to a friend, you would be saying “This is me on the beach in Fuerteventura” not just hand them the picture and not say anything about it. Any photographs NOT containing a description will be deleted from the gallery.  Failure to maintain at least five pictures in there will result in your access being terminated.

What type of picture should I put in my portfolio? This has got to be the individual’s choice as long as you have at least five pictures of you in the personal portfolio. Some people are placing scenic pictures in, others are placing in holiday pictures, some clothed, some naked. It has to be the individual’s choice however the majority are, as one would expect on a naturist site, naturist pictures.

A maximum of 15 pictures may be loaded to your portfolio. We want people to share their pictures but do not want hundreds of “this is me naked in a field – this is me naked in another field” Besides which, until the new gallery beds in, we do not know how it will effect the bandwidth use of the site.

Pornographic pictures or any thought to be inappropriate will be removed. We are a naturist site therefore naturist pictures are supported but not porn, or pictures showing erections or semi’s, or open leg shots. Similarly, the camera should not be focussed on the genitals but on the face. ie no selfies taken looking from the groin to the head.

To apply for access and to submit your verification picture send an email to  and include the photo for verification. We will aim to approve it within 48 hours of receiving it, Once approved, your account will be updated to access the gallery to upload at least five pictures of yourself and view other people’s pictures. Failure to upload five pictures to your portfolio within 48 hours of being approved for membership will result in your access being suspended and you will need to wait one month before re-applying.

All previous members who wish to rejoin the gallery will have to re-apply using the above procedure. We’re sorry we have had to close down the old gallery but recent updates to it made it incompatible with our site.