Our Naturist Values

Respect and Consideration in our CHATROOM

Do try to take part in conversations. OK, some people enjoy taking part in chatting. Others are happy to generally sit and listen and that’s a little like what happens at any get-together. But if you’re of the second kind do make sure that you at least say hello when you enter the room and respond to others if they ask you something. Members say they find it creepy if they think someone’s just sat there saying nothing so do throw in the odd comment now and again.

Whilst ‘Private Chat’ has some ‘other’ meanings, generally it’s a way to get to know people without boring the heck out of everyone else in the Public Chat. We do not have a Private Chat facility but do have whispers which can be used once the new member qualifies for them. But do remember, the whisper facility is not a finite resource and over use of whispers will mean you are likely to run out of them. If you are whispering try and keep an eye on the public room as well in case someone else wants to talk to you. Also remember that it is a chatroom with whisper facilities, not vice versa. If you wish to chat about something specific with another member, other rooms are available but please remember, with the exception of the Red Room or your own Private Room, overt sexual chat must be avoided.

Please remember that Chats may be monitored for behaviour not consistent with naturist values. Please respect your fellow Naturist Chat members by not making suggestive or inappropriate remarks or posting inappropriate photographs either in open or in whispered chat. We feel that a person who is found to be using the chatroom for exhibitionist or inappropriate sexual behaviour or encouraging any other members to be involved is stepping over the line of what’s acceptable in a naturist environment and as such will be removed from Naturist Chat with Like Minded Friends.

The role of our Moderators is to modertate our chatroom in a firm but fair manner. If a member of our team asks you do do something or stop doing something they are doing so for what they see as the good of the room and all those chatting in there. If your camera is on, Moderators may ask to view your cam if, for example, you’ve gone silent in the chatroom. You should not refuse permission without an exceedingly good reason. If you do, or if you excessively delay giving permission then you may find yourself facing a ban from the Chatroom. Please remember that Moderators do the task voluntarily and they, like all people using the room deserve the respect of all. You may disagree with a decision they make but remember they are only making that decision for the benefit of the site and chatroom.

If you do disagree with a Moderator’s request then please send a note to the Site Owners via the Contact Tab about it and we can investigate the issue. Do not try to disrespect or disagree with Moderators in the chatroom as to do so could mean your access to the room is suspended until the matter is resolved.

If someone suggests something inappropriate to you in either public or whispered chat please remember that it’s your right to let us know. We don’t feel that anyone should tolerate inappropriate behaviour or behaviour not consistent with naturist values anywhere within Naturist Chat with Like Minded Friends.

If you want to view someone’s cam but you don’t have your own cam on then we feel that it’s a little unreasonable to expect others to accept your request to view theirs. Most members also consider that it’s very bad manners to request to see someone’s webcam before you have had any sort of conversation with them first.

Remember that some people may be comfortable chatting naked. For others it may not be practical or comfortable. Our Chatroom is ‘Clothes-Optional’ so accept people how you find them. And go with your own preference. However if you do chose to chat naked then please do make sure that your face is always clearly visible.

If you want to display photographs in the Chatroom then there’s a feature to do this. However, don’t expect everyone to sit through a long slideshow of snaps from your last holiday or trip to the beach! Continuous use of this can annoy people and can really stifle chat. Be prepared for a temporary ban by the Moderators if you ignore a request to stop! Please also to remember that we really can’t allow photographs of minors to be displayed on this site or in this Chatroom.

Please do remember that Chatroom access for Members is not necessarily an automatic right and if the Administrators have any concerns then that access may be temporarily or permanently withdrawn at their discretion.

If you have an issue who do you complain to? If a moderator is in the chatroom at the time you should let them know via a personal message. Or you can use the Site’s ‘Contact us’ feature.