Membership Levels.

As our site continues to grow and we continue to make improvements to it, we thought it a good idea to include a page highlighting the various Membership Levels we have introduced and how people can move from one level to the next. I think the first thing we should say is that Naturist Chat with Peter and Shiraz is, and will remain, a free site and all members are able to use the chatrooms, camera, forums and the majority of other features of the site.

People frequently ask what the different colours in the chatroom denote and what they can expect from each level of access.

  • Pink is reserved for the site owners so it is easy to see if Peter and Shiraz are in chat if you have any questions for us.
  • Green denotes the chatroom moderators. They can enter each room and interact in them and they too will have the answers to many of your questions, direct you where to find the answer or will pass on your queries to us should they be unable to help.
  • Blue is the colour designated to all other members. (see below)
  • Verified. The tick symbol against a member’s name indicated that they have applied for the Erotica Room and have been accepted by the current people with access to that room.

Stage 1 of membership allows members to enter all chatrooms except for the Red Room and Erotica or those that are password protected (unless the owner of the room gives them the password.) All new members are admitted at this Stage. They can post on the forum and shout in the shoutbox, send Private Messages to other members (Please note there are only a set number of messages that can be sent/received before this facility is restricted) and when in the chatrooms they can activate their camera, view up to 3 other cameras, post text to chat with others in the room, upload pictures and interact with other members of the site. Vocal chat is also available but works best with only a few members in the chatroom and is dependent on all those participating having their cameras and mics active. Stage 1 does not permit members to whisper in the chatroom or alter the colour of the typeface.

Stage 2 allows everything that Stage 1 permits but in addition members can view up to 5 other cameras as well as being able to whisper to other members and alter the colour of their typeface. Please note that those members still on Stage 1 will not be able to whisper a reply. Stage 1 members will advance to Stage 2 when they have been active in the chatroom for a sufficient length of time to allow other members to get to know them. Additionally they will be active members of the site, be friendly and try to fit in with the vast majority of other members who we like to think of as “a family of chatters” Advancing to Stage 2 will be at the discretion of the site owners. Unfortunately, it is not possible for members to “see” which Stage other members have attained.

Stage 3. This is reserved for those members who have kindly made a financial donation to the site. In addition to everything mentioned above, Stage 3 members can view up to 12 other cameras, share their screen with other members and, if their donation was £20 or over, ask to have their own password protected “Private Chatroom” to which they can invite other members.

Some members request access to The Red Room and it is up to them to ensure they read and meet the criteria to access to The Red Room, information for which can be found here If granted access, you will have exactly the same facilities as you had before and progression to the next level is subject to the same criteria.

Verified members may or may not already have access to the The Red Room but in addition, they will have requested access to the Erotica room and agreed to the “rules” we have set for that particular room. The specific requirements for access to this room can be found here Each member of the Stages applicable to the Blue level may ask to become a Verified member and it is not dependent on whether you have kindly made a donation to the site. There is no guarantee you will be granted access to this membership level as each application is viewed separately and decisions made on an individual basis by the majority of the current Verified membership.