The room is set to show the last 20 lines of typed chat or uploaded pictures. This allows people entering the room to see what the topic of conversation is.

When in the chatroom, left click on the I to the right of the member’s name. This will open a drop down box with User Info.

  1. Click on the cogwheel to the top left of the chatroom page.
  2. In the dropdown list, click either upload or change avatar. A popup will open showing pictures on your pc.
  3. Click the picture you want and press upload. Press save changes and then leave the chatroom. On reentering, your avatar picture should show.
  4. note, the size of the avatar picture allowed is very small (50mb) so therefore you may need to resize the picture. A good free resizing tool is called PixResizer and is available as a free download.
  5. To include your profile picture in your profile, click on the tab “Profile”
  6. Click on the Tab, “Change Profile Photo” then “Select Your File” This will open up the photos on your PC. Select the one you wish to use (I used one of a size 486 X 648). The picture selected, providing it is of the correct size, will open up with a crop option. Crop the picture to show your face. Click “Crop Image” to save it. If your photo uploads successfully, you will get a message telling you.
  7. If you want a Cover Image for the top of your Profile, Click on “Change Cover Image” and instructions will come up to upload a file. This should be in Landscape format and be larger than 840 X 225.
  8. Press “Save Changes” when you are done, and then refresh the page.

Our security system (and a safeguard to you) is such that it will only allow so many unsuccessful attempts to log onto the site. You will need to wait for a while before attempting again.

Type in the long box that’s beneath the Chat window then press Enter on your keyboard.

Yes of course you can. Many people, even if they have a webcam, use the chatroom as a text-only chat. Please note though, members do not think it is polite to request to view their camera if you are not using yours.

At the top of the chatroom screen is a red button “Camera” Click on this and it will open your camera and you will see it in your chat window. You can drag your camera to a more convenient place.

You then get the option to make your AV stream public or private. Most people tend to make their webcam Private which means if someone wants to view you, you will get a request pop up in the main chat window. Don’t Forget if there are other people with you who don’t wish to appear on camera, or if you have Minors with you, Don’t switch it on!

To the right of the person’s name in the user list you’ll see an icon for Camera . If it is grey they are using a cam .  However if you see a locked Padlock then you will have to ask their permission to view their broadcast.

To view someone’s camera, click on the camera icon if it is locked a request will be sent to the person letting them know you wish to view it. They have the option of allowing or denying your request.

Please note – it is thought impolite to ask to view another member’s camera if you don’t have yours on.

See above.



In your camera window, you will see a green box. leaving it Green will allow your microphone to be used, clicking it to red will disable your mic. You can enlarge or decrease the size of your camera window by toggling your cursor over the bottom left corner of the camera window and dragging it inward to decrease or outwards to increase.

See above. Please note most people do not use their mic in the chatroom as it can be difficult to hear what people are saying and follow the conversation, particularly if you have more than one camera open; and two, if you are talking only to one person in the room, you are ignoring everyone else which may make them think you are lurking and not joining in with the “chat”. Whilst there is nothing wrong with speaking to one person if there are only the two of you in the room, the vast majority of our chatters like to communicate with all people in he room therefore use the type option and not the vocal one.

Yes. Click on the Gif Search icon just above the text input box and then click upload. Pick the picture you want to show from those saved on your pc and upload it to the room. It will appear in the input text box. Press enter and it will appear in the chat window. By clicking on the uploaded picture you can make it larger to aid viewing it. Please note the maximum size of picture to show is 500kb.

Please remember that we can’t allow photographs of minors to be displayed in our Chatroom, nor will we tolerate the showing of ANY pornographic images.

It is possible for members to store your picture on their computer so please do not show any you are not happy to be seen by others. Whilst we trust the majority of our members not to store your pictures and publish them elsewhere, we have no control over this. Remember, if in doubt – Don’t Post.

The short answer is Yes. But don’t forget that to be in the Chatroom they must be Members of the Naturist Video Chat with Peter & Shiraz website, not casual browsers. If you are nervous about this, then simply do not upload any photographs.


We have disabled the private chat facility in the chatrooms. Dependent on your membership level you may have a “whisper” facility to communicate privately with another member however please be aware that whispers are limited in number and if you overuse the facility it will prevent you from using it. We would recommend chatting in the main room whenever possible, after all, it’s a Chatroom with a Whisper facility, not a Whisper room with a Chatroom facility. But, if you need to send a whispered message – To open Whisper click on a person’s name and select ‘Whisper’ from the drop down box. The name of the person you wish to whisper to will appear in the text input box. Type your message as normal and press send and it will be visible only to the selected person.

This would normally be in a whisper not in the main chatroom.  If you do get pestered, please report it to Peter & Shiraz using the contact us tab on the main page of the site. If you can give us a time, date and the name of the user we can investigate this and take the appropriate action. We will respect your confidence at all times.

Yes, our moderators may be in the Chatroom any time and it is their job to monitor the conversations going on and to make sure that everyone is following the Chatroom guidelines. For members who have difficulty both respecting their fellow members and Naturist Values then Moderators have a number of options open to them including temporary bans. Serious issues are referred to the Owners and may involve the person being removed from the Naturist Video Chat with Peter & Shiraz website. Peter and Shiraz also have the ability to review the transcripts of conversations in the chatroom and if a complaint is made will investigate accordingly.

Moderators are identified by their name being in Green in the user list and when they type something in the chatroom.

No. However Moderators may ask to view your cam if, for example, you’ve gone silent in the chatroom. You should not refuse permission without an exceedingly good reason. If you do, or if you excessively delay giving permission then you may find yourself facing a ban from the Chatroom.


The Chatroom has a ‘Report’ feature. Click on the name of the person in the User List and from the menu that opens up select ‘Report this User’. In the pop up box that then opens, you can choose the type of report you wish to make and add some details. Please report precisely what happened. Moderators will look at the report and come back to you within 48 hours or alternatively, if they deem it necessary, your issue may be referred to the Naturist Video Chat with Peter & Shiraz Owners. You will be kept informed of the progress.

Alternatively, you can report the member directly to Peter & Shiraz using the Contact Us tab on the Home page. Again, please report exactly what happened and where possible give a time and date of the occurrence.