Erotica is a new adult content chatroom we have introduced to the site. It is primarily there for those members who want to share erotic stories or experiences and show photographs to other like-minded people or have an uninhibited chat but unlike The Red Room, Erotica will have cameras available. Erotica is open to all site members and you don’t need to have had access to the old Adult Room or to The Red Room to become a member of Erotica providing you meet the criteria below. This room will be more selective than the original Adult Room although everyone will still need to satisfy the same criteria vis-à-vis

  • Have been a site member for at least one month
  • Be a regular in the main chatroom;
  • Be nice and friendly with everyone;
  • Have a profile pic (showing your face – not a headless torso) in the chatroom and on your profile on the site;
  • Check out the forum regularly so that you keep up to date with important chatroom information;
  • Make sure your profile is up to date with all the required information, naturist experiences, location, age and reason for joining our site;
  • Be part of our chat family;
  • Don’t be here just for either the Erotica room or The Red Room, that’s not what we’re about;
  • Don’t use Erotica as an excuse for exhibitionism, masturbation or viewing others doing so. Similarly, do not suggest to others you would like to see them “breaking the rules”

However, in addition to the above, and given that we are all human and can’t be expected to get on with everyone, a majority of those people who are already members of the room will need to agree to you having access to Erotica. Some people will get access, others won’t. Access to the old adult room or The Red Room does not necessarily mean you will get access to Erotica and even those people who have kindly made a financial donation to the site will not be guaranteed access to it.

We envisage this new room to be for people to chat, share their stories and pictures; and trust the people they’re sharing with or chatting to.  We don’t want lurkers, or people not wanting to join in. We don’t want people directing you to do something you are uncomfortable with, or exhibitionists and we definitely don’t want people who just want to use the room as an excuse to masturbate on camera or watch others do so. Therefore, we suggest that you only apply if you are happy with the criteria we’ve set and have stories to tell or pictures to share and intend to join in with the chat properly.  To apply for access, or to recommend someone for membership of Erotica please get in touch with us via the Contact Us tab and we’ll take it from there. Please include in your application a brief description of what you feel you can contribute to the room. This will be included as part of your application and be seen by existing members. No application will be accepted without this information.

Erotica will be self-moderated by the members and all will have assured by applying that they understand what the room is intended for. It will therefore be incumbent on everyone using it to adhere to the guidelines we have set, and anyone not doing should be reported to us in the normal manner, i.e. by using the Contact Us option. However before doing so remember a quite word at the time can often defuse a situation which if allowed to continue can grow out of all proportions.