Chatroom Donations

Naturist Chat with Peter and Shiraz remains committed to being a free to use site and there is no necessity for any member to make any form of donation to continue to use it. The site is free. The chatrooms are free. The webcams are free, and will remain so. However, some people have indicated a wish to make a financial contribution to assist in maintaining the site so this is the place to do so.

We have set up a paypal account and any monies received will be used solely for the day to day expenses involved with continuing to fund the site and chatroom and where necessary, making improvements as we see fit. We will continue to retain overall control of the site and chatroom and will continue to have sole responsibility with regard to the way the site is run and administered. We commit to produce an annual balance sheet showing income and expenditure so you will know where your contributions have gone.

To make a donation, if you have a PayPal account of your own, the easiest way is to follow the link to then follow the instructions. You will know you are at the correct place because you will see my name and I have included this photo of me for anyone to verify any that donations will be made to our account. There is an option on the payment page to “Add a Note” and it would be helpful to us if you would add your username there so that we know who has made the donation.

Alternatively, if you wish, you may click the Donate link below where you may either donate via a PayPal account or by Debit or Credit card.

Thank you.