Adult Chatroom.

People are asking us how to get access to the Adult Chatroom. It’s hard to say exactly but Peter & Shiraz will know.

When we started this site, we wanted to be different. We want to get to know our chatters and be a friendly, welcoming and helpful place for everyone who joins. We don’t want anyone to feel like an outsider and take a dim view of any members who treat others like this. We don’t want to be like so many other Naturist Chatrooms and have a room full of headless men masturbating and not chatting. So we started, and remained very vanilla, almost bordering on prudish. Some people loved it this way and still do, but others got bored and moved on so we decided to open the adult room for our regulars who want this. To begin with, everyone got access immediately, but as time has gone by, we have set some requirements and we want to know that new people joining the site are not joining just to get access to the Adult Room. All members are welcome to ask to get access to that room but now, before you get access we want to get to know you. We’ve noticed that the people who become regular chatters and members of what we think of as our chat family usually, read the forum, add a profile pic to both the site and the chatroom and use the chatroom regularly. So… if we have to set out a list of requirements, this is it:

Be a regular in the main Chatroom;

Be nice and friendly with everyone;

Have a profile pic (showing your face – not a headless torso) in the chatroom and on your profile on the site;

Check out the forum regularly so that you keep up to date with important Chatroom information;

Make sure your profile is up to date with all the required information, naturist experiences, location, age and reason for joining our site;

Be part of our chat family;

Don’t be here just for the adult room, that’s not what we’re about;

It is up to ALL members, including those already granted access to the adult chatroom, to ensure the above requirements are met.

If you can’t be bothered with this, then maybe you are not the right type of person to be a member of our site and stand no chance of getting access to the adult room. Remember, we are a site for genuine naturists. Having the Adult Chatroom means we have somewhere for everyone and the main chatroom remains safe for those who just want a regular chat.

The Adult Chatroom is a place where people can discuss anything, and everything, show pictures which would be frowned on in the Main Chatroom or position their camera angle differently. All we ask is that you keep things friendly in there, and most of all Legal. Do not pester other members to participate if they don’t want to, or make suggestions you would not be prepared to make in a face to face encounter. Additionally, remember that some members will not have access to the adult room so, if people are chatting in there, make sure you look in the Main Room every so often so that if new members are sat there alone, someone goes and chats with them. The adult room is not moderated other than by Shiraz and Peter, and both of us are broad minded enough to accept any kind of chat in there or see any kind of picture or camera view, again providing it remains legal.